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Our Services

Negotiation Advisory

We offer negotiation consulting to corporate organisations, high net worth families and individuals to achieve an optimal outcome from their important negotiations.


We work with our clients to develop a negotiation strategy supported by a host of tactical manoeuvres.  We have the methodology and experience to ensure that all essential elements of the negotiation have been assessed.  (Such as analysis of power positions; detailed risk analysis; and communication plans for internal and external stakeholders.)


The negotiation teams are prepared for negotiations by simulating likely scenarios through role-playing specific interactions to test likely outcomes and we act as a sounding board for difficult choices should they arise during the heat of the negotiations.


Our clients attend their negotiations with confidence and clarity, both of which will enable better outcomes.


Negotiation / Mediation Lead

Negotiating with confidence comes from practice, anticipation and understanding the impact of human interactions, personality traits and employing the art of subtle manoeuvring during the negotiation sessions or communications. 


We are engaged by corporates, families, and individuals to lead important negotiations and mediations on their behalf.  This leads to greater confidence, less emotive energy being expended, and fewer emotional decisions being made when sound judgement is critical.


We also offer independent mediation services for commercial disputes where we work with both parties to explore options for mutual agreement and resolution. Commercial mediation is a flexible, voluntary, and confidential form of alternative dispute resolution where the parties retain control of the decision that is facilitated by the mediator.  


Negotiation Training

We provide a fully customised training program based on specific business and team needs.


Strong emphasis is placed on participatory and experimental learning. Negotiation simulation cases are selected to support the needs of the delegates and to augment the tailored content.


We offer exclusive 1:1 coaching to executives within organisations and private individuals.   The program is personalised based on our client’s individual conflict mode profile, social style and their specific negotiation strengths and areas for development.


We arrange for negotiations against strong counterparts which are then videoed and analysed to provide valuable insight and sound advice required to manage negotiation challenges.

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