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Client Experience & Confidentiality

The nature of our business means that we support clients in confidential and sensitive engagements. As a result we are not able to provide a full list of all client references, nor specify which engagement pertains to which client. 


We will always abide by the highest standards of business ethics.

  • Mass Supplier Re-negotiation Programmes:  Planned and led re-negotiations for companies with significant number of suppliers (>5,000).  Developed the strategy and a customised playbook for the large support teams comprised of Procurement professionals, Business SME's and short term negotiation contractors. (FMCG industry; Data & Analytics space; Marketing)  

  • David and Goliath Negotiations:  Represented small family businesses and small/medium enterprises in their negotiations against large global enterprises.  (Mining industry; Retail Industry)

  • Corporate "Hostage Negotiations": Worked with large enterprises trapped by unfavourable contracts to re-negotiate the deal or to break away entirely using strategies to mitigate both reputational and financial impact. (Retail industry; Financial Services industry)

  • Represented High Net Worth individuals or families on masked / shielded negotiations.

  • Represented parties during Mediation (Unfair dismissals; Will and Estate Family Conflicts; Internal Corporate conflicts)

  • Pro Bono services to work with companies in distress during the COVID-19 crises.

  • Board and Exco Advisory Services on key negotiations.

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Client Testimonials


“Angela's strategic insights and meticulous planning contributed significantly to negotiations that involved numerous long-term contracts with divergent stakeholders.  Despite often negotiating from a position of weakness, the results surpassed our strategic imperatives and culminated in savings of well over a billion rand."

Scott Brown

CRO and Interim CFO

Edcon Group

"I’ve had the pleasure of working extensively with the team at Silverhurst.  They have a unique ability to quickly grasp the business challenge, and to drive a negotiation to support the mitigation thereof.  Their enthusiasm and passion for creating value is almost palpable.”

CEO, Author, Advisor


“We managed to gain traction and momentum in a particularly tedious negotiation by asking Angela to lead the conciliation team.  We received excellent advice in developing a winning strategy and each role player received a personalised playbook detailing their role and permitted concessions coupled with useful tactics.  Her calm, steady approach to engaging with our difficult counter-party was inspiring to watch.”

Interim CEO

UK Retail Bank

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