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About Us

Silverhurst have almost 25 years of experience in corporate negotiation advisory and training both locally and abroad.  They offer a multi-faceted approach to developing a negotiation strategy to lead and/or support clients in significant deals; negotiations with suppliers, lenders or clients; and managing conflict resolution in the workplace.


Angela Obree


BCompt Acc; MBA

CEDR Mediator

Highly experienced negotiation expert and commercial mediator with a career spanning over 20 years’ in the corporate environment leading high-performing teams, and has won a global company award for leadership and commitment to people development. An excellent communicator who is highly energetic and capable of swift, accurate and measured decisions whilst under pressure.

Served as a member on the Board of Trustees of Accenture Pension Fund (~£16.5m), and worked at other large corporates in the UK, South Africa, Ireland and Germany.  Also experienced in working with smaller organisations and start-up companies such as Redington Investment Consultants, a company that now responsible for over £350bn worth of assets.  

Worked relentlessly during the COVID-19 crisis to form strategic partnerships with pro-bono Business Rescue initiatives to provide negotiation expertise for distressed businesses to support them during those uncertain and unprecedented times.

An expert negotiator that is truly passionate about the topic - and believes that the study of negotiation is never-ending due to many elements that contribute towards a successful outcome.  

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